EPA Rules Cause Last Primary Lead Smelter in USA to Shut Down

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We can expect shortages of traditional lead and lead core ammunition as our primary source for lead in the United States closes its doors. The Doe Run lead smelting plant in Herculaneum, Mo. is the last primary lead smelter in this country that produces lead bullion. The bullion they smelt is shipped to manufactures of ammunition, car batteries, fishing supplies and even scuba diving and sports equipment manufacturers.

As our lead ore is shipped to countries like China for smelting, the cost of lead will skyrocket and may even drive the price of lead ammunition beyond what the majority of citizens can afford.  Maybe this is why DHS has been buying obscene amounts of ammunition for domestic use. After all, they have had time to plan for this since the EPA increased the lead restrictions by tenfold.

It would cost the Doe Run Company over $100 million to convert to a non-primary smelter, so the company has been forced to close its doors.

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