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GS2AC Meeting Thursday February 27th

CALIF CCW LAW OVERTURNED !!!!! The 9th Circuit Court recently ruled against California’s CCW laws! On hand at our next meeting will be one of the attorneys involved with that VICTORY! Don Kilmer, civil rights attorney and 2nd Amendment defender … Continue reading

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Shoots Down California’s Concealed Carry Restrictions

The Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just shot down California’s Good Cause requirement for obtaining a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit.  The “good cause” requirement enabled police and sheriff agencies to turn down self-defense as not meeting the good … Continue reading

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National Guard Being Trained to Fight Second Amendment Supporters

In training warriors, it is all about the mindset.  A determined mind trumps dumb brute strength every time.  So, the National Guard and even local law enforcement is being prepared for the next terrorist attack inside the United States. Related … Continue reading

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New York Anti-Gunner Carries Firearm Into School

Dwayne Ferguson of Buffalo, NY has been a vocal gun control fanatic in his town.  He is a community activist that has constantly pushed for more restrictive gun controls.  His most recent success has been to help change the New … Continue reading

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