New York Anti-Gunner Carries Firearm Into School

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Dwayne Ferguson of Buffalo, NY has been a vocal gun control fanatic in his town.  He is a community activist that has constantly pushed for more restrictive gun controls.  His most recent success has been to help change the New York State crime of carrying a firearm on school grounds from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Dwayne works with disadvantaged youth at Harvey Elementary School in the evenings.  Acting on a tip, a police SWAT team entered the school on Thursday, February 6th.  They locked down the school, searched all the students and then the adults.  The found Dwayne carrying a pistol.

Dwayne admits to often carrying a pistol for protection and claims he “forgot” he was carrying the pistol when he came onto school grounds.  He was arrested and “charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.”

It is real interesting that a gun control activist has a permit to own and carry a concealed weapon.  The new law he helped pass made it a felony for anyone, with the exception of police, to bring a firearm onto school property.  I do not believe that Dwayne  “forgot.”  If I had done that, I would be spending years in a New York gray bar hotel.

Let’s hope the court permanently pulls his right to own firearms for this egregious and illegal display of elitism.  There are too many gun-ban people out there who believe no one should have firearms except police and military; and of course, themselves!

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