California State Senator Leland Yee Arrested for Gunrunning and Other Charges

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On Wednesday, March 26th, California State Senator Leland Yee was arrested by the FBI for gunrunning.  Senator Yee, one of the most anti-gun senators in California, is accused of trying to illegally import firearms.  Also arrested was Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, a convicted felon and (former) Chinatown criminal mob boss.

Other charges include conspiracy to deal in firearms without a license and wire fraud.  Yee is also charged with accepting bribes and illegal campaign donations in exchange for political favors.  He has also been accused of helping to introduce a potential campaign contributor to those legislators who were sympathetic to pro-marijuana legislation.

Once again, we see that the gun control legislators who want to strip law-abiding citizens of their constitutional rights also wish to reserve those rights for themselves.  It appears that these legislators have no qualms about breaking the laws for their own selfish purposes.

We can only hope that external political pressures do not lessen the stiff penalties should Yee be convicted.  There are enough charges filed that Yee could be sharing a cell with Shrimp Boy for more than 50 years if they are both convicted.

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