City Watch Groups Forming – Training

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With the February 8th Gun Control Summit in Mountain View we now have a list of the cities, mostly with gun stores, that are the next targets of the SC Co Democrats for ‘Sunnyvale” and Los Gatos style gun control legislation and or ballot measures.


A group of Cal Guns members, and other, volunteers have been meeting to form working groups to combat the local Brady City Chapters plans. In addition to updates of what the gun control zealots are up to the ‘working group’ is organizing the volunteers by city to begin watching for these legislative and ballot measures in their city of residence. Developing responses to the arguments of the gun control groups and media responses are the other two topic areas the group is working on.

Aaron & Alex are the working group ‘leaders’, they share an email address for this project, contact them to volunteer or attend at “ John Browning” @ The next group meeting will be in Cupertino (actually west San Jose) on Tuesday April 8th, 6 pm at the Holder’s Country Inn’s meeting room, 998 South De Anza, about 2 blocks south of the corner of Stevens Creek Blvd & De Anza.

As the local city groups form we will be offering training on how to monitor city activity / agendas, find out who has had communication with gun control lobbyists, what city staff members might be involved or advocating for gun control measures and we will begin to categorize the gun rights positions of all local office holders. The city groups will be able to work with the gun stores so being attacked to build a system where we are ahead of the gun control folks, perhaps putting them on the defensive. This will take time, cooperation and commitment. If you are interested in taking the fight to them please contact Aaron or come to the nest meeting at Holder’s.

That goes hand in hand with election activity to support our friends and make political life miserable for those who oppose our rights. I have no indication that any of the gun rights groups are going to endorse candidates for June, during this now third year of ‘top two’ primaries. In most cases the June primary is our only chance for a gun rights supporting candidate to make it to the November general election.

I will be dropping materials of openly pro gun candidates off at gun stores next month. It is the nearest I can offer to whom you might want to vote for without running afoul of the reporting requirements if I were to make endorsements, which I can’t. But if a candidate wants his positions on a public counter where anyone can see them that tells me they want our help and are likely sincere as there is such a price to pay for supporting gun owners in our area. It is up to each of us to test the veracity of those seeking office, then to become involved in helping such candidates, especially candidates for local offices.

One last point, everything the gun control groups do would be irrelevant if gun owners were all registered to vote & voted for pro gun candidates, and voted against those who infringe our rights. Not only do you need to be registered and vote, but you need to get your friends to do so also. In 2012 gun owners registered and voted in numbers MUCH under 50%.

Those not voting then, by default, voted for gun control. We have the numbers to win, to be a red state, but we are, cumulatively, our own worst enemy, more so that the small number of gun control favoring voters. They have more press coverage but we outnumber them. We only loose when we fail to act.

Please get the forms or register you and your friends online today at:

Off my Soap Box, for now….

Bay Area Second Amendment Communications: Training, Advocacy, Grassroots Organization

To help or get involved: PO Box 5231, San Mateo, Ca, 94402

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