SB 53 Ammunition license / registration bill passes to Assembly floor vote

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This is the last stop before the governor. The bill would require you to get a DOJ permit, good for 2 years and all ammo sales would be face to face with all your info and a thumb print required every-time. Your records, unlike 4473s, would not have any privacy protection, local police chiefs would have unfettered access. Many current ammo sales businesses will be eliminated by the new narrow definition of ammunition seller in the bill.

The old AB962 ammo restrictions bill which is still in court. It is so because AB962 couldn’t define and was only aimed at ‘Handgun Ammunition’. SB53 now covers all ammo so the court case may have no effect on this bill. But this bill would have an effect on every Californian.

Unless you want to drive to Nevada to get your ammo please lite up the phones fax and email now.

NOTE: If it is current (always check the date of the last update in the upper right corner) the CALNRA One Click system let’s you write one email but sends your message to (most of) the 80 Assembly office holders who are going to vote on this see:

This is a summary of reports from Cal Guns Firearms Policy Coalition, Safari Club International and NRA ILA:

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One Response to SB 53 Ammunition license / registration bill passes to Assembly floor vote

  1. Russell says:

    UNBELIEVABLE ! ….. Somebody or Someone or a bunch of BONEHEADS have lost their minds ! MOVE TO OREGON , at least we have O.F.F. as a great watchdog over our BONEHEADS and so far they have been kept in check.

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