People with Mental Health Issues Are Not Risks with Firearms

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The FBI did a study in 2009 that shows people with mental health issues are not more of a risk for violence or firearms misuse than others. In other words, denying people ownership of firearms for issues such as PTSD or other mental health issues does not make any sense. In fact, the number of violent acts committed by those with mental health issues has remained the same for years even though firearm ownership has dramatically increased.

There are two issues that are indicators of future firearm abuse and violence. One is substance abuse, including illegal and legal abuse. The second indicator is previous acts of violence.

Many states, including California are in the process of denying the right to own firearms to people who do not have a history of violence or drug abuse; just a neighbor or angry ex complaining to the police can trigger a seizure of all firearms.

Even hospitals can cause your firearms to be seized if you say you are anxious or afraid in response to their admitting questions. I recently received a questionnaire asking how I was treated during a recent hospital stay. Buried in the 60-some questions was a questions that asked if I was anxious, worried or fearful before I was admitted.

Since the FBI study shows mental evaluations are not an indicator of firearm violence, we should tell our lawmakers that the mental health checks should be abandoned and replaced with checks for past violence and drug abuse.

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