Tips to Stop a Home Invasion by NBC: Car Keys and Wasp Spray?

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NBC is concerned with the number of home invasions and they wanted to provide a public service and list the ways you can protect yourself in such a situation. They enlisted the help of former hostage negotiator and retired NYPD detective Wallace Zeins.

The three essentials he recommends are: car keys, wasp spray and truthfulness.

The car keys are first on the list. As soon as you hear someone crashing through the door, hit the panic alarm key on your car keys. Of course, this will not help you if your car is not right outside your house and in range of your key alarm. Personal experience says neighbors, especially in an apartment complex will just ignore the alarm anyway.

Second on the list is wasp spray. Detective Zeins says it is as effective as pepper spray. He is flat-out wrong. Besides, spraying a person with wasp spray is a Federal Crime! It contains neurotoxins and is considered a chemical weapon by international courts.

The third and final item on the list is honesty. The former hostage negotiator says “You want to treat them like royalty. On top of that, you don’t want to lie to them.”

Nowhere in this “Rossen Reports: How to prevent, survive home invasion” is there a mention of a firearm. What do you think this former NYPD detective has on his nightstand? I would bet it’s not wasp spray!

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