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Jose Canseco “Accidently” Shoots Off Finger At Home

Last night, October 29, José Canseco shot off his middle finger while cleaning his firearm. Everyone seems to be reporting that this was an accidental shooting. José’s girlfriend and fiancé Leila Knight went to José’s twitter account and posted: Related … Continue reading

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California Judge 2014 Voter Guide

California Judge Voter Guide You can find the Santa Clara County PDF file here: 20141030 HANDOUT JUDGE RATINGS (For other counties, go to Our Judge Voter Guide for California’s November 4th General Election will help you cut through … Continue reading

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Gun Ban Senator Caught Drunk with Firearm in Public

On Monday, October 20, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested for being intoxicated in public at a demonstration while protesting the recent police shooting in Ferguson, MO. She came well prepared to protest the shooting by carrying her own … Continue reading

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You MUST help Stop The Bloomberg Anti-Gun Machine in Pleasant Hill

This race this November is one where if enough gun owners help we can tell the gun control groups we have been battling for over 20 years that we can stop them and punish the office holders that work with them. They … Continue reading

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Next GS2AC Meeting – October 30th – The War In The Woods With John Nores

Don’t miss the next  meeting of the GS2AC. Our  featured guest speaker will be John Nores,   Game  Warden  California  Dept of  Fish and Game. Our parks are no longer a safe place  for American citizens…. they have  become a war zone infiltrated by the drug  cartels . Hear what’s happening  from someone fighting to get control of … Continue reading

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