Gun Ban Senator Caught Drunk with Firearm in Public

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On Monday, October 20, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested for being intoxicated in public at a demonstration while protesting the recent police shooting in Ferguson, MO. She came well prepared to protest the shooting by carrying her own 9 mm semi-automatic pistol which was fully-loaded. She also had a full spare magazine on her person.

The police noted her slurred speech and she smelled of adult beverages. Senator Nasheed, an advocate for strict gun controls and gun bans, agreed to a breathalyzer test which she later refused to take. She was charged with Failure to Obey Lawful Order of Police and Manner of Walking in the Roadway since she refused the police request not to block the road.

After spending the night in jail she was released. Her chief of staff has called this drunken action “civil disobedience”. What would happen if you or I were at a pro-2A protest with loaded firearms and spare magazines? I would bet we would be spending a lot more than overnight in jail!

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