You MUST help Stop The Bloomberg Anti-Gun Machine in Pleasant Hill

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This race this November is one where if enough gun owners help we can tell the gun control groups we have been battling for over 20 years that we can stop them and punish the office holders that work with them.

They elected former Pleasant Hill mayor Michael Harris and together they passed the PH gun store restrictions ordinance last year.

NRA mailed orange cards to their members in Pleasant Hill, but anyone and everyone can donate to and help Pro Gun Owner’s rights former vice mayor Jack Weir and newcomer Dorothy Englund defeat Harris and his ticket mate.

Please give whatever your can afford, half to each of them.   The individual donation limit for each per donor is $500. If you only have $20 please give $10 to each of them.

If they do not both get elected we get the old anti gun rights former mayor back for two more years so please give equally to each of them.

Please see the attached flier: Weir-Englund appeal GS2AC 10-26-14

Also,  go directly to their shared web page: and click on each of their donate buttons.

And please tell others.

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