Active Shooter System for School Has BIG Flaw – video

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Shooter Detection Systems just tested its most advanced detection and tracking system for schools. The test took place on November 11, 2014 at a grammar school in Methuen, Massachusetts. A person walked through the school simulating a gunman.

The shooting detection system reported to the police and some school officials “within seconds” that a shooting was taking place. As the shooter moved throughout the school, the movements were tracked. Herein lies the flaw.

The system only reports the locations within the school where shots were fired. Police responding to a school shooting would get an idea where victims may be located, but unless the shooter is still shooting after a 5 to 10-minute response time, they will be going in blind.

This system should improve response time, by a minute or so. As we have seen in previous gun-free-zone shootings, the police usually are there to clean up the mess.

Armed guards and even properly trained school officials and teachers would be a more effective way to limit and possibly prevent school shooting deaths.

Watch the Fox News interview with Shooter Detection Systems.

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