New Anti-Gun Organization Gun By Gun Partnering With SJPD

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calgunsfoundation_merced-checkThe San Jose Police Department has struck up a partnership with the anti-firearm group Gun By Gun to fund gun buyback programs. Gun By Gun is a misnomer as points to GunXGun (capital letters added for clarity). This is a new gun ban organization that proclaims on its web site: “You can remove dangerous guns from circulation…”. Removing and destroying guns from people is their only goal.

Recently, on November 19th, 2014, they hosted a fund raising Gun Buy Back Launch Party at Rosie McCann’s in San Jose. No one has reported how much was raised, but the following luminaries were present:

  • Larry Esquivel, Chief, San Jose Police Department
  • San Jose Police Foundation
  • San Jose Councilmember Xavier Campos
  • Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County District Attorney
  • Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez
  • California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Nora Campos

We need to keep an eye on this group as they have been spreading false information as a scare tactic:

– decrease the chance of a domestic dispute turning deadly by 5x.
– decrease the risk of homicide in a home by 2x and a suicide by 3x.
– prevent a gun from being one of 500k stolen every year.

Well, if they talk someone into turning in a firearm to them, it may prevent it from being stolen, unless the firearm disappears on the way to destruction. It has been seen that some collector firearms in excess of $20,000 each have been turned in by unsuspecting family members and those have wound up in personal collections.

Keep vigilant, my friends.


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