We Support the Gun Facts Project – You Should Too!

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We are passing along this message from the Gun Facts project. The research they do and the social media tools they create are helping undecided voters understand that gun control doesn’t work and how they are being misinformed by gun control groups. The fellow who heads Gun Facts is a Silicon Valley marketing expert, which explains why he is effective at communicating gun policy info to mass audiences.

What I’d like you to do is donate to the Gun Facts project, then pass this email along to your followers. The Gun Facts fundraiser only occurs once a year, so they need your help today.

It is that time once again, time for the annual Gun Facts Fundraiser. This is when you help keep Gun Facts expanding the fight for truth about gun control and gun rights.

gunfactsdonate2015 will be a busy year for the Gun Facts project. Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling every gun control group. San Francisco’s Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence is the new propaganda arm of the gun control movement (and they are good). Even the ancient Violence Policy Center has staggered zombie-like back to life and is getting media attention.
This is where you fight back. Your donation will used to help the Gun Facts project:

  • Obtaining camera, lighting and audio to produce 60-second info spots and to appear on network news broadcasts more often.
  • Renew our media contact databases to push facts to the press.
  • Acquire better visualization tools to make infographics meaningful to the public.
  • Get software written to automate dumping Gun Facts web contents into the popular PDF and print books.
  • Buy time to conduct deeper research, such as our recent analysis on the source of crime guns in restrictive states and how Bloomberg lied about cops being killed by guns.

guninfogiftsThis year we have great gifts for everyone who donates (even a buck will get you something). Some donation levels earn one gift, others two, and the big donors get nearly everything. Some of the nifty rewards for helping the Gun Facts project include:

  • Iain Sinclair folding wallet knives (etched for this fundraiser)
  • “I Plead The Second” t-shirts
  • “Shot” glasses and beer beverage cozies
  • “Gun Family” rear window stickers
  • Stone coasters
  • Custom posters from Day By Day cartoonist Chris Muir

Not a bad haul for helping defend the truth from the gun control industry.

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