AB 1134 Moves on to the Assembly – Bill Burdens CCW Applicants

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We previously warned you when AB 1134 was being discussed in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Now the bill has moved to the California Assembly for approval. Click here for the current status of AB 1134.

Please contact your Assembly Member and urge them to vote against AB 1134! Write, call, fax and contact them through their web site. Keep calling and have your friends call, too. We need to defeat this bill.

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One Response to AB 1134 Moves on to the Assembly – Bill Burdens CCW Applicants

  1. Thomas says:

    Aside from the other misguided aspects of this bill, it would be unconstitutional as a violation of Due Process, by virtue of it’s delegating authority to a city official who county residents have no part in the election of but who would thus exercise control over. There is no logical,rational justification for such delegation and it is only being proposed to further political goals of those who want to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.

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