California Starts Attack on Ammunition and Hunting

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Ammunition-Under-Attack-InfographicOn April 9, 2015, the California Fish and Game Commission approved regulations to ban all ammunition that contains lead. The regulations will start on July 1st for the 2015 hunting season and be phased in by July 1, 2019.

Alternative non-lead ammunition is not readily available in over half of standard calibers used for hunting. What is available is very expensive. It is estimated that the national supply of non-lead ammo would have to triple, just to supply enough for California hunters.

Most of the funds for conservation and game land protection come from taxes hunters and recreational users pay on firearms and archery equipment and on all ammunition purchases regardless of the use of that ammo. Lack of ammunition and increased cost of ammo is estimated to reduce the purchases by hunters and will lead to reduced funds for conservation efforts.

Examine the infographic provided by Ammoland.  Click on the graphic to the right for an enlarged version.

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