Oppose AB 1134 which allows sheriffs to burden CCW Applicants

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Santa Cruz Assemblyman Stone, a well-known anti-gun legislator in Santa Cruz introduced AB 1134, which gives county sheriffs the power to put additional burdens on anyone who wants to apply or renew a CCW license. The California State Sheriffs’ Association, no friend to law-abiding firearms owners, is also supporting this bill.

A sheriff is entitles to shirk off CCW approvals and assign this task to any police chief of their choosing. The sheriff could pick a police chief in a remote corner of the county to be the only person to approve CCW applications. All applicants would have to go to this police chief.

AB 1134 invites sheriffs to suppress CCW applications by choosing an anti-gun police chief. It also is an open invitation to favoritism and provides a way to ignore recent CCW court victories.

Click here for the current status of AB 1134. As of this writing, AB 1134 is with the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Please contact all the staff members of the Public Safety Committee and urge them to defeat AB 1134.

The Firearms Policy Coalition sent an email on April 4th. In part they said:

AB 1134 is an outright attack on the carry license (“CCW”) application process, a new burden on applicants, and a blatant attempt to overturn the Los Angeles Superior Court’s decision in Lu v. Baca (currently on appeal) and the longstanding precedent of Salute v. Pitchess.

You can also have the Firearms Policy Coalition send out letters for you for a small donation.

No matter how you do it, let our legislators know your opinion on AB 1134. If we act together we can defeat this bill.

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