People with violent names are asked to leave New Jersey

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has reported on a new law in New Jersey that is forcing people with names that can be construed as promoting violence to move out of state within 30 days. Alternatively, they can legally change their names. 527 have been sent notices so far.

They reported Supervisor Jerry Osborne of Middlesex County Department of Building and Land Settlements said:

“We want people to feel free to live, work and play in New Jersey without the fear of something bad happening,” Osborne continued. “And when you have people running around with the last name Gunn – no matter how you spell it – it stirs feelings of fear in people, and that’s just not something we want here.”

Yes, did post this story on April 1st. Yes, it is satire making fun of New Jersey that has some of the worst anti-gun legislation in the United States. This post also makes use of the same logic that the NJ gun banners use to pass this Draconian legislation.

On the more positive side they also reported some good news:

Additionally, the state of Texas has stepped up and offered free housing for six months for displaced New Jersey residents looking for a more “Gunn-friendly” home.

Kudos to the Editors at for a great article!

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