Don’t Shoot the Drone!

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The individually-owned drones seem like a tempting target on which to practice your shotgun skills, especially if it is flying over your property and has its camera pointed at you capturing private moments through your bedroom window. But whatever you do, don’t do what Brett McBay did! Yes, kids, this is one of those “Don’t do this at home!” teachable moments.

Brett saw a drone that he claims was flying over his property and he surmised that the CIA was spying on him. He told his son to shoot it down with a shotgun. Maybe he didn’t think his son would be prosecuted or maybe his son was the better marksman; whatever the reason, the son nailed the drone, completely destroying it.

Enter the neighbor, Eric Joe, who is naturally claiming the drone was not flying over Brett’s property. Brett lost in court and had to pay his neighbor $850 for the drone.

Unless you are on a farm with neighbors out of range from a shotgun, firing a shotgun pointed at the sky in a neighborhood is downright dangerous. Always know what is behind your target. If you happened to have a slug shotshell in your shotgun, it is unsafe in any situation.

Besides the safety issues, the police and courts are not being sympathetic toward gun owners who shoot down drones. You could wind up opening you wallet quite wide and may even be charged with firearms violations. That would make you have not-so-good of a day.

A couple of other observances. The CIA wouldn’t bother using a consumer-grade drone. They would use one of those multi=million ones that fly so high you can’t see them with powerful cameras that can read the date on a dime – in our pocket 😉

An acquaintance of mine claims the Department of Homeland Security does employ drones and sometimes enlists normal people to fly drones in their neighborhood. Hmmm… maybe Brett just got the three-letter government agency wrong.

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