Obama Administration Targets Firearms of Social Security Recipients

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If you receive Social Security benefits (which you also put your hard-earned money into the SS system in order to gain this payback) you may be among the millions of Americans whose Right to Bear (and own) firearms is in jeopardy. That’s right, your own government is mulling yet another method to seize your firearms.

They were able to get away with seizing the firearms of 127,000 returning veterans whom were judged to have Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It was not a new law, but the application of an old law using redefining PTSD as a reason to declare mental incompetency.

Encouraged by this, the government is adding math to the equation. If this moves ahead, here is what may happen to you. If you are collecting Social Security and have someone handling your finances, your name is immediately added to the list of prohibited persons in the Federal National Instant Check System (NICS) and you will be prohibited from purchasing a firearm.

If you are collecting Social Security and have someone handling your finances, you will be put on the list to have your firearms seized by a SWAT team breaking down your door with a no-knock warrant, rounding up and handcuffing everyone in the house. A “methodical search” which may include ripping apart your home will find the firearms to be taken from your procession.

So, if you have problems balancing your checkbook, I suggest you get a friend who supports the Second Amendment to help you without anyone’s knowledge rather than having the government put you on the list.

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