SAF Saves Nebraskan’s Firearms Collection from “Silly Misdemeanor” Charge

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Years ago, Kevin Williams of Lincoln, Nebraska was charges with processing a knife that was 1/8 of an inch over the legal length limit. The local prosecutor somehow found out about this old conviction and used a local ordinance to seize Kevin’s large and expensive firearms collection.

The SAF (Second Amendment Foundation) stepped in and hired attorney David Sigale. David won the case. He said “This wrongful prosecution should never have begun. We are pleased that Mr. Williams is out of criminal jeopardy, and that the government has relinquished its forfeiture claim on Mr. William’s constitutionally protected property. This is a reminder that the Constitution and Second Amendment apply all throughout Nebraska.”

The founder of the SAF, Alan Gottlieb said “While this case may not seem important, it is one more small step in our legal efforts to protect firearms freedom. We spent several thousand dollars on this case because it was the right thing to do. We’re grateful to members and supporters whose generous contributions make it possible for us to get involved in cases like this.”

This is an example of bad laws that are on the books can be dredged up to infringe on our rights. Gun owners generally don’t get involved in knife rights, but they should be. Any weapon a person decides is best to carry for protection should be their choice, be it a knife, sap or a firearm.

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