No Crimes Solved by Ballistic Fingerprinting

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California has a law in place that is blocking all newly designed firearms from being sold in the state. To date, no manufacturer has retooled their machinery to meet California “safety” requirements.

The California legislature has stated ballistic fingerprinting will allow firearms crimes to be rapidly solved. All it takes is a firing pin that prints the make, model and serial number of the firearm on the cartridge primer. A similar imprint is required on the brass (or steel) cartridge casing. Additionally, collecting a fired bullet from the manufacturer has been proposed.

California should take a lesson from New Jersey, where they have required some ballistic fingerprinting for years – 15 to be exact. They have spent $15 million on this project and have not solved a single crime. You heard it! Not one crime has been solved.

New Jersey has finally admitted their folly and the Law was dropped October 1, 2015.

Wake up, California! Drop this law that will only hurt California businesses and law-abiding citizens.

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