Man Defends Family from Angry Mob with Air Gun – Gets Arrested [Video]

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On January 23rd, a family was standing outside their house when an angry mob of socialists and Muslim migrants headed down their street throwing tires and other objects. Their little girl was in the doorway and appeared terrified. The mob had broken from a larger protest on Rue Mollien, a main street in Calais, France, and was terrorizing the local residents.

A man in the house came out with a rifle and pointed it at the mob. The mob backed off and someone called the police. The police promptly showed up and took the man into custody; not one member of the mob was arrested. Despite saving his family from certain injury or even death, prosecutor Jean-Pierre Valensi is still considering pressing charges against the brave man, even though the rifle he had was just an Airsoft gun.

A group of local French citizens belonging to a group called Calaisians are Angry, issued a statement on a Facebook page:

“The aggression [by the migrants] is obvious, and the fact that this family man acted in self-defence is even more so. This man has done nothing except defend his little girl … against an army of illegal immigrants brandishing sticks and an iron bar,” they said.

“[When considering his case] the prosecutor will have to take into account the fact that …migrants unleashed an attack against this family. This act of defence happened because the entire political class has left the Calaisians to fend for themselves.

“Although we are aware that custody is a normal procedure for acts such as this one, it would be perverse for the state to pursue a case against this family man. We note also that the attackers themselves have not been placed in custody.”

Gun control is so strict in France that citizens can even get prosecuted in trying to defend themselves with a toy gun. If we let the anti-gun crowd get their way, we could see this in California and the rest of our country.

Register to vote and vote these anti-gun people out of office! It is the only way we can win.

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