GS2AC February 25, 2016 Meeting

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GS2AC Meeting  Ths. Feb 25th   Scalia’s Dead !  Attorney Don Kilmer Will Have Input On How This Will Effect the Second Amendment !

 Dont miss the next meeting of the GS2AC.   If anyone  can tell us  how the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia will impact your gun rights… it  will be Attorney  Don Kilmer .   And  Don will be speaking at the next GS2AC Meeting !

In addition… Don Kilmer  recently  argued cases  before the 9th Circuit Court.
You wont hear this anywhere else !
Our  motto for  the  2016  election year is….    REGISTER and VOTE … OR REGISTER YOUR GUNS !
Meetings  are held at Harrys  Hofbrau….  390  Saratoga Ave in San Jose.
No Host  dinner.. starts at  6pm ….. Meeting  at  7pm.
From  Hwy 280  take the Saratoga Ave Exit…. got  2 blocks north and Harry’s is on the right.
Come early and have dinner at  Harry’s… the food is GREAT !
See you there !
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