Gun-Free Zones Invite Attacks – Weapons Prohibitions Are Ignored

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On Tuesday, February 9th, Quinton Laster, a 20-year-old from Oklahoma City, committed a gruesome double murder. He shot and then decapitated his grandmother, Sharon Reed and her husband, James Reed.

A year ago Quinton was arrested for assault and battery. For whatever reason, he was charged as a juvenile. The assault and battery charge should have prevented him from owning or even processing a firearm. If the present laws were followed, he should have been stripped of his right to own a firearm for three years or permanently if he was convicted. Quinton broke the law by having a firearm and he also broke the law by committing a double murder.

Associated Press journalist Ken Miller reported:

A notice hanging on the fence beside the garage read, “All weapons prohibited on these premises,” and included symbols of a handgun and knife crossed out in red.

Quinton ignored both of the prohibitions on the sign by shooting and beheading the couple he lived with. This is another example of a declared weapons-free zone being ignored by a criminal.

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