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Political Correctness and a Suspended 10-year Sentence Murder a Police Officer

On March 18, 2016 a Greenville, South Carolina police officer was murdered and his own department’s political correctness is partly responsible. Officer Allen Lee Jacobs was chasing a 17-year-old known gang member who was suspected to be a felon trying … Continue reading

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Medical Research Is Flawed When It Comes To Gun Laws

On March 23 Dean Weingarten wrote a great article in Ammoland Shooting Sports News on the flaws in medical research when gun laws and shootings are the target of study and I recommend you read it. Not surprising, the liberal … Continue reading

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California Concealed Carry Permits in Trouble

Reported by the FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition): Licenses to carry in California, while still rare, have been increasing. As these licenses are valid statewide, this increases the likelihood that the licensee will come into contact with law enforcement. As such, … Continue reading

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Newsom’s Ammo Ban Gaining Speed and Support of Deep Pockets

Gavin Newsom’s ballot measure is making great strides toward becoming possibly the ultimate gun ban legislation in history. It is a collection of Machiavellian laws that have not even been able to pass through a liberal-controlled legislature. If this gets … Continue reading

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Petition the RNC and Quicken Loans Arena to Allow Open Carry at Convention

The Republican National Convention will be held this coming July 2nd in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio is an open carry state, so it would make sense to allow the open carry of firearms at the Republican convention. But the arena and … Continue reading

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GS2AC Monthly Meeting March 31, 2016

War in the Woods John Nores – Game Warden for the Dept. of Fish and Game Don’t miss the next meeting of the GS2AC.    The  government is doing  everything  they can to kick gun owners off our  public lands…. … Continue reading

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California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association Opposes Newsom’s Safety For All Initiative

The Gun Owners of California sent out an email that revealed even the California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association thinks that Newsom’s latest anti-Second Amendment is a bad idea. It does nothing to stop criminals from obtaining firearms and killing … Continue reading

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NRA Created to Protect Freed Slaves from the KKK (video)

CURE (The Center for Urban Renewal and Education) sponsored a meeting at the National Press Club on Friday, February 22, 2013. It featured “prominent figures” from the black community. As you will see in the accompanying video, the NRA is … Continue reading

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Which Is Better the 7.62 x 39 or the 5.56 x 45? presented an episode of Behind the Barrel: Reloaded. Master Sergeant Mike Klock, (retired) compares the 7.62 x 39 cartridge for the AK-47 to the 5.56 x 45 cartridge for the M16. Watch the video and make up your mind. … Continue reading

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Crisis for the Second Amendment with SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland

Your action is needed more than ever! Judge Merrick Garland voted to rehear the Parker v. District of Columbia case when the Washington D.C. government asked for a rehearing. This decision led to the Heller decision that reaffirmed the Second … Continue reading

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