AB 2459 Can Close Every Place That Sells Firearms or Ammunition!

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This is from the FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition) and it shows exactly why we need to band together as firearms owners, and I mean ALL people who own a firearm, and vote against the anti-gun legislators such as Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, a Democrat in Sacramento who wrote AB 2459 . You need to register to vote and then go to the polls and get rid of legislators like McCarty who do not support the Constitution they have sworn to uphold!

Here is the FPC’s notice:

AB 2459 is the scariest bill we have seen all year, and that’s not a fact to be taken lightly as there are already bills to ban most semi-auto rifles, ration your gun purchases, and ban all magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds at one point in time.

AB 2459, authored by Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), could wipe out every single gun dealer in the state of California.

In essence, if this bill passes, they may not ever have to pass another anti-gun bill again. You simply won’t be able to legally buy another gun in California.

To start, AB 2459 will ban all home FFL dealers. There are hundreds of them in the state, and they may serve areas where a traditional brick and mortar store wouldn’t prosper.

Rural residents would be denied their right to defend themselves. They could not legally purchase a firearm unless they drove hours to a larger population area.

For traditional gun stores, the remaining two portions of the bill could drive them out of business.

AB 2459 would then force all gun dealers to video record all areas of their store wherever firearms or ammunition are stored, displayed, carried, handled, sold, or transferred, including, but not limited to, counters, safes, vaults, cabinets, shelves, cases, and entryways.

Adding to the Orwellian-ness, gun dealers will have to spend thousands of dollars on storing the high-quality data for up to 10 years on-site, turning each gun store that can afford it into a high capacity hard drive that most tech firms would be jealous of.

Assuming a gun dealer is still in business after the first two requirements, the last one will do them in

AB 2459 mandates a first in the world form of insurance– an unobtainable policy that covers the criminal acts of second, third and fourth parties using a firearm or ammunition from the store in question, even if the retailer is in fact the victim of the crime or if the gun or ammo was stolen from the store.

Although it may sound like the anti-gunners’ fantasy bill that will never become reality, it is literally being lobbied in the State Capitol right now. They are seriously pushing for it.

Please sign our petition to STOP AB 2459 and forward this email to your friends and family so they can help beat this bill back.

Sign their petition and also contribute to enable the fight for our rights to be continued.

Now, contact Assemblemember Kevin McCarty by phone and his web site and ask him to withdraw such a piece of legislation that will deny law-abiding citizens of California the right to purchase firearms and do nothing to prevent criminals and terrorists from obtaining guns:

Capitol Office:

P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0007

(916) 319-2007


Above all, register to vote and then go to the polls and get rid of anti-Second Amendment legislators.

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