Bonta Trying to Put an Annoying Mosquito in Firearms Owners Ears

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California Assemblyman Rob Bonta has introduced AB 1695. This bill is to make sure anyone purchasing a firearm receives a mailed copy of some of the firearms regulations. This mailing will occur after one purchases firearm safety permit, takes training and passes a certification test. The money (or fee) will be added to the price of the safety card and supposedly will be used to pay for the cost of the mailer and all the infrastructure and state employee salaries it will need.

This mailing is superfluous as it covers all the rules we needed to obey in getting the certification to begin with. It’s as though Assemblyman Bonta is just trying to add another fee to penalize law-abiding citizens for wanting to purchase a firearm by taking more of our hard-earned money.

AB 1695 is just mailing out what is already posted in prominent places in every shop that sells firearms. When you go to purchase a firearm with your new-valid-for-five-years safety permit, you don’t have to remember any of those rules that were mailed to you, as the firearms seller is bound by law to follow those laws. You can’t get around them even if you wish to.

This law will mandate the State of California to use tons of paper, which will be printed, sorted stuffed into envelopes and mailed at our expense only to be discarded as junk mail. It would be more efficient if the State would just deliver tons of paper to a recycling center and save the costs of printing and mailing.

The text of the bill can be seen here. AB 1695 is presently sitting in the Assembly Public Safety Committee and Rob Bonta has canceled the first hearing. This bill is hardly dead, but just marking time to be heard. Keep track of the status of the bill so you can act if it moves forward.

Start calling the Committee on Public Safety now to tell them to kill the bill and not even bring it to a hearing. It is wasteful of your State and natural resources.

Above all, register to vote and then vote only for congress people who support the Second Amendment and our gun rights!

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