California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association Opposes Newsom’s Safety For All Initiative

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The Gun Owners of California sent out an email that revealed even the California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association thinks that Newsom’s latest anti-Second Amendment is a bad idea. It does nothing to stop criminals from obtaining firearms and killing people.

Here is the letter the California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association wrote:

CA dept fish and gameCalifornia Fish and Game Wardens’ Association
The Thin Green Line

 March 13th, 2016




“The Safety for All” Newsom Ballot Measure Committee
c/o Thomas A. Willis
Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, LLP
1127 Eleventh Street, Suite 602
Sacramento, CA 95814
SUBJECT:       “Safety for All” Act Ballot Initiative, 2016

Dear Mr. Willis:

California Game Wardens are full-time, sworn peace officers, and proud members of California’s first state law enforcement agency.  Game Wardens have been providing public safety and resource protection in California since 1871.  California Game Wardens are stretched thin in part due to increased population, expanding roles and responsibilities, as well as continuing high-profile and high-demand in controversial issues associated with defending California’s valuable natural resources and public safety.

California, the most populous state in the U.S., is a clear leader in all things environmental.  In contrast to their integral role, dedicated mission, and high-profile in environmental crimes, CA Game Wardens still bear the burden of relatively low pay and incentives when compared with other high-demand CA state law enforcement.  As of 2015, California still has the lowest number of Game Wardens in the field per capita of any North American state or province.

The California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association (CFGWA) was established with the California Secretary of State in 1937.  The CFGWA advocates for Game Wardens and related causes throughout California. With only around 270 field-level Wardens earning about 40% less salary than other high-demand CA state law enforcement officers, Wardens continue to play a vital role as California’s first, best, and sometimes only defenders of all things wild.

California Game Wardens contact more armed constituents and criminal suspects than likely any other CA law enforcement officer yearly.  Besides their high-profile, high-risk public safety mission, Game Wardens are also integral in the instruction of safe firearms handling to thousands of law-abiding and ethical hunters and target shooters every year.

The CFGWA is pleased to stand with other California law enforcement leaders and advocates, as well as responsible hunting and sporting gun users across the state in strong opposition to the 2016 “Safety for All” Act ballot initiative (the Act), which would make ineffective, sweeping, and restrictive changes to California’s already complex firearm laws.

The CFGWA strongly opposes the ostensibly mis-named “Safety for All” Act ballot initiative of 2016.  The stated goals of the Act to “keep our communities safe” and “end gun violence” are of critical concern to all CA law enforcement agencies and officers.  However, the proposed changes in the Act will have little bearing on the criminals who commit these atrocities in our great State.  Firearms, ammunition, and firearm components do not make decisions to kill; criminals inherently do not abide by any laws or regulations.  Therefore, clearly the additional intended criminalization and deterrent effect of this Act were it to pass into law would negatively impact already strictly-bound, lawful, and responsible California firearm owners and users.  Conversely, this Act will have absolutely no impact on the behavior, decisions, and violence of criminals who already obtain, use, buy, and sell firearms, ammunition, and components in flagrant and oftentimes tragic disregard of all established laws, regulation, ethics, and safety guidelines.


Nick Buckler, III
President, CFGWA

Protecting California’s Wildlife Since 1871

CC: Margaret R. Prinzing
Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom

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