Newsom’s Ammo Ban Gaining Speed and Support of Deep Pockets

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crush newsoms ammo ban

Gavin Newsom’s ballot measure is making great strides toward becoming possibly the ultimate gun ban legislation in history. It is a collection of Machiavellian laws that have not even been able to pass through a liberal-controlled legislature. If this gets on the ballot, the lies in the Safety for All ballot measure is sure to be approved by the misinformed Californian public.

Newsom’s millionaire (and billionaire) friends have already raised $1,581,888.40 as of this post that will be used to force this sugar-coated poisoned legislation down the throats of the citizens of California.

We need to do all we can to inform the public that this measure will not do anything to make us safe.

Help the Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee raise funds to fight Newsom’s gruesome ballot measure.

Then get out and register to vote and go to the polls and vote against all legislators of all parties who are enemies of the Second Amendment.

Tell all your friends and acquaintances about the lies that are being used to destroy the practice of the Second Amendment in California.

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