Sheriff David Clark Defends the Second Amendment and the Personal Right to Own Arms

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Sheriff David ClarkSheriff Clark was on a panel on criminal justice at the CPAC meeting this past March 3rd. Sheriff Clark not only supports the Second Amendment as it applies to personal ownership of firearms, but also attributes the Second Amendment in allowing freed slaves to defend themselves with firearms from attackers (such as the Ku Klux Klan and slave owners). Firearm ownership is what allowed the slaves to remain free!

Sheriff Clark said:

“[Frederick] Douglass strongly supported the right of fugitive slaves to have and use weapons to resist kidnapping. When government fails to protect the just right of any individual man, that man rests on his original right of self-defense even if it means shooting down his pursuers. Slavery is a system of brute force. It must be met with its own weapons.”

“Slaves plus guns equal freedom. The abolition of slavery was inevitably due to the arming of blacks. Now if you think for one minute that I’m going to cede these rights back to the federal government or any government or any court, you’d better think again.”

He also said he will defend this right to the death if necessary. The Second Amendment has always been about the personal right to defend oneself with a firearm.

It is our duty to defend our rights and the Second Amendment is what keeps the Constitution and the Bill of Rights intact. If the Second amendment is disabled, all our other rights will be taken away.

We are just one Supreme Court Justice away from having our Second Amendment gutted by the liberal justices that are intent on legislating from the bench instead of defending the Constitution, which they swore to do when taking their positions.

It is your duty to vote for those who support our rights and against those who will trample them. Register to vote today and then vote to save our rights. Our lives and those of our future generation depend on it.

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