Gun Owners Are To Blame for Draconian Anti-Gun Laws Signed by Governor Brown

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Yes, you read that correctly and I am totally miffed (to put it mildly) at 12 million or so gun owners in California. They are solely to blame for letting the radical left pass laws that just about render our firearms useless in another generation. Many other firearms will become useless with the restrictions on ammunition that will force most mom and pop businesses to stop selling ammunition.

These gun owners are not registered to vote. A few more million gun owners are registered to vote but did not vote in past elections. Estimates of 6 to 8 million gun owners did not vote and that is the problem. These people are worse than the most far-left, radical, gun-banning liberals in this Left Coast State of California. They have already surrendered their Second Amendment Rights! The gun owners that are registered to vote and vote are also to blame – they should have been actively encouraging other gun owners to register and vote!

They allowed the gun-banning legislators to gain a majority to be able to pass any legislation they chose to do. Not letting a “good thing” go to waste, the California legislature bent the rules and forced eleven anti-gun bills through and onto the Governor’s desk in the last days before summer break.

Governor Brown signed the majority of them saying it will make California a safer place. In reality, none of these new restrictions on law-abiding citizens would have prevented the atrocities in Orlando, San Bernardino, Charleston, Newtown, Columbine, and other places. Murderers, gang members and terrorists will not obey these laws.

What We Could Have Done

If just half of the gun owners in California had voted in the past elections for legislators who supported the Second Amendment, none of the recently passed (and the majority signed by Governor Brown) would have made it out of conference, let alone onto the floor for a vote. There would have been no “gut and amend” that circumvented the normal legislative process in introducing new bills.

If this had been done since the 2000 election, California would be a red state by now with supermajorities in the Senate and the House. We would have become a “shall issue” state. We would have also been able to remove the laws that infringed on the Second Amendment.

But since those millions of gun owners stayed home with their heads up their, er, heads in the sand, we now have the proverbial Gunpocalypse, as the FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition) has called it.

What We Need To Do First – Get All Gun Owners Registered To Vote

Personally, in the past primary election I have managed to get a couple of dozen gun owners registered to vote. I believe they did vote for the candidates and measures that best supported the Second Amendment, or were the least infringing.

We need to get all gun owners registered to vote. The lame excuses of not wanting to get on the state “list” or the jury list are not even remotely acceptable. I have news for those gun owners that think this way: YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE LISTS. Everyone with a driver’s license will automatically enrolled to vote due to new legislation passed.

If you aren’t already registered you will be classified as declined to state and may not be able to vote in the primaries. Furthermore, if you have ever filed a California tax return you are on the list. If you have ever bought a handgun (or a rifle since 2015) in California you are on the lists.

We need to rally the registered voters that own firearms to get out and get other gun owners registered to vote. is a perfect way to immediately get someone registered to vote from your smartphone or tablet. When you are at a gun show, offer to get people registered right there on the spot, reminding them they are already on the lists and further remind them that the reason gun shows have less to offer for sale is because of gun owners not voting.

If we can manage just half of unregistered gun owners on board, we could turn around the California legislature to be more balanced and much more gun-friendly.

Visit your local gun shops and get permission to register gun owners. They may even ask their customers if they are registered and persuade them to go over to you. With your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer connected to the store’s internet connection (or your own data access device) you can immediately register them to vote.

The Second Thing – Raise Money for Advertising and Vote-Gathering

Write letters to the NRA, SAF and other groups to spend some money in register to vote campaigns in the more liberal counties. Professional companies that specialize in registering people to vote are very effective in gathering signatures.

Remember: Gavin Newsom’s “Safety for All” ballot initiative cost several million dollars funded by George Soros, Mayors against illegal guns and other anti-gun groups. It worked to get enough signatures to win a place on this November’s ballot. You can bet they will spend more money on advertisements that keep saying “Safety for All” will keep people safe from terrorist shootings. Unfortunately, several more millions dumped into advertisement will spread this lie.

The California Democratic Party contributed a sizeable amount (I believe $500,000) for this effort. Write the California Republican Party and asked them to spend money on advertisements showing “Safety for All” will not do one iota to keep people safe. In fact, it will prevent many of the poor from being able to buy firearms and even ammunition with huge fees and registration.

Go to local businesses that depend on ammunition and firearms sales and ask them to pool some money for local advertising and voter registration gathering.

The Third Thing We Need To Do – Get All Gun Owners To VOTE

We need to get every gun owner to get up off their butts and vote. I have heard many people say their vote doesn’t matter in California so they stay home in protest. These are the very useful idiots that the gun-grabbers love to make promoting their agenda easier. With just half of the gun owners voting, we could make California a gun-friendly and safer state.

Politicians like Kevin De León, Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Gavin Newsom, Phil Ting, Loni Hancock and Dianne Feinstein need to be removed from office. We can only do this by voting them out! If all gun owners vote, we can make this happen!

California has a unique system of voting that does away with political parties, giving gun-banning liberals an advantage. When several gun banners and a pro-Second Amendment candidate are on the ballot and many times the pro candidate will not be in the top two which are put on a second election ballot. When this happens, the gun owners just refuse to vote. THIS IS THE WRONG THING TO DO!

Any time the two candidates are anti-gun, gun owners should make it known they will vote the incumbent out of office because of their anti-civil rights stance. Then we need to DO IT! When enough of the incumbents get voted out, other gun-banners will get the idea that passing Draconian bills against law-abiding firearm owners is not such a good idea!

Right before an election, call your friends and remind them to get out and vote. Even ask them if they need transportation to the polls. Take them if necessary. It is your duty to vote and protect your Civil Rights!

Going Forward

We need to get more people involved in hunting, target shooting and all sports that revolve around firearms. Teaching our youth is important. Getting our youth involved in supporting the Second Amendment and enjoying the shooting sports is extremely important. With all the anti-gun thought exposure in the schools, we need to instruct our youth about the importance of firearm safety; that firearms are safe when handled properly and with respect..

We need to teach our youth about the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights – ALL of the rights including the Second Amendment. All of these rights are INDIVIDUAL GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS that the government is supposed to leave alone.

We need to instill in our youth respect for life and the rights of others. A good upbringing and following the Commandments is also essential to cement respect and actions together.

If you have children, invite your neighbors and their children to the range and get them involved in the shooting sports. A couple of years ago, the GS2AC held a youth shooting event. We provided all the firearms and .22 ammunition. The children AND adults took their turns shooting rifles and handguns.

Toward the end of the session (which had a break in the middle for some great BBQ) we broke out a .22 version of the “evil assault rifle” with a standard 20-round magazine. Even the parents who at the start hated the evil black rifles had fun shooting up some targets!

Get your children involved in the local Second Amendment groups. I know of several groups that have a lack of young members. Without a younger generation, such groups will die off in a generation or two.

Above all, present yourself as a sane firearms owner – Don’t go Rambo on people!


IF YOU DON’T VOTE YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO OWN A FIREARM! The coming election in November is not just about who becomes President, but the makeup of the Supreme Court for the next generation or two.

Some politicians have already expressed their opinions that they will make sure that the Second Amendment is disemboweled if they have a chance to replace several judges. With the current ages of the Supreme court members, there is a strong likelihood that two or three will be replaced in the next four to eight years.


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