Anti gun Pastor Breaks Strict Oregon Gun Laws

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Reverend Jeremy Lucas is the Pastor of Christ Church Episcopal Parish in Lake Oswego, Oregon. A supporter of the Draconian gun laws (one of which is the Oregon Firearms Safety Act) passed in the past few years, he decided to take a firearm out of circulation and have it melted down to create art.

The Rev. Lucas took $3,000 from a church discretionary fund and congregation donations and purchased 150 raffle tickets to win an AR-15. The AR-15 was being raffled off by a local girl’s championship softball team to raise money to go to a tournament in California. His plan worked and he won the rifle!

The Reverend then turns around and breaks the very law he supported: he gave the AR-15 to a congregation member whom Lucas calls a “responsible gun owner.” All transfers of a firearm must be done through a gun shop that performs a mandatory background check. He passed a background check when he picked up the AR-15, but neglected to have the rifle transferred to the “responsible gun owner” and having a background check performed.

According to the Oregon Firearms Safety Act, Reverend Lucas made a “straw purchase” by illegally transferring the firearm to be stored until he was ready to melt it down. The Oregon State police is looking into the matter, but no one has moved to arrest the preacher yet.

Executive Director of the Oregon Firearms Federation, Kevin Starrett, wrote a letter to the Oregon State Police and 30 state lawmakers urging them to investigate this violation of the law.

Kevin said:

“If the pastor is prosecuted, it will demonstrate the idiocy of the law and the people who passed it. If the pastor is not prosecuted, it will demonstrate that anti-gun liberals are above the law and it was only intended to hurt the average gun owner, against whom it could be selectively enforced.”

By illegally transferring the rifle, the Reverend Jeremy Lucas could be fined $6,200 and sentenced to a year in jail. Maybe the Oregon lawmakers should insist the Reverend spend a year inside the jail and have a nice jailhouse ministry!

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