Bulletproof Vest Test Not Safe

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A 23-year-old Tampa, Florida resident assumed room temperature in the late hours on Saturday, September 10th. Joaquin Mendez put on the vest and “wondered aloud whether it still worked.” This was not the brightest thing to say.

Even worse was what his cousin did. Alexandro Garibaldi, age 24, drew a firearm and said “Let’s see.” You could see this coming: Alexandro fired the gun. The bullet went through the bulletproof vest (which was not so bulletproof) and entered Joaquin’s chest. He died after being rushed to the hospital.

Alexandro tried to cover up his actions by saying someone shot his cousin. Up steps a witness who saw the shooting and the vest was found inside the house.

As of Sunday morning Mr. Garibaldi is sitting in jail with a manslaughter charge. No bond was set.

I would encourage everyone not to test a bulletproof vest. If you do buy one, make sure it is from a reputable firm and has the desired rating for your protection. Stay safe, my friends!

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