The Democrats are Still After Our Guns

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The liberal Democrat party has been after our firearms since the 1960s. Back then Handgun Control, Inc. spread the word that guns were evil and needed to be outlawed. Their effectiveness floundered as Americans do not like any of their rights curtailed. So, in 2001, HCI changed their name to the gentler Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Their goal was still the same: ban firearms. The Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, an innocent name as everyone likes “responsible” solutions, is the liberal’s latest attempt to soft-sell gun control by essentially camouflaging their agenda of eliminating firearms from the American citizens.

I early July of this year, gun-banners and other liberals met in the offices of the Global Strategy Group to learn how to twist their words to silently tie their agenda to peoples’ emotions. Jeff Pollock of the Global Strategy Group invited:

representatives of Priorities USA, NARAL, AFSCME and the Senate and House Majority PACs. A strategist from the Democratic side of Google’s political consulting operation was also there.

Hmmm… they are even using Google to help them lie and also suppress the Second Amendment.

The gun-banners are using words like “sensible”, “safety”, “safe environment for our children” and other slogans to hook the emotions and make their agenda appear to be sensible, safe and for the children. The Americans for Responsible Solutions published a book. According to Politico

“Mothers have also been powerful advocates for stronger gun laws, but we need to show through our messengers that they are not the only ones who want to reduce gun violence,” it advises, before suggesting bringing in more men, gun owners, hunters and experts like ER doctors and police.

They also are using millions of dollars from groups like the Everytown for Gun Safety backed by billionaire Mike Bloomberg to push their lies.

Take the push for “background checks”. The Democrats have consistently have voted against background check proposals that would prevent known terrorists, the mentally unstable, felons and other prohibited persons from buying a firearm. They even voted against a proposed law to close the “gun show loophole”! The reason? Those proposals did not require recording the serial numbers of the firearms, which amounts to firearm registration, the precursor to firearm confiscation.

We need to prevent them from taking away our Second Amendment Rights: Register to vote and then vote only for pro-Second Amendment politicians.

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