San Jose City Council committee moves gun control forward

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As usual the press and the newly (re)organized Measure C proponents, now called Safe Cities Coalition of Santa Clara County were all aware of it, but not the  public, because they have never stopped pushing this.

SJ Mercury News lists term limited out SJ City Councilman Ash Kalra, who has a runoff race on the ballot in November, by name and a second unnamed SJ councilperson, and SJ PD  chief Eddie Garcia, who recently has been taking publicly against gun owners rights, are the leading faces on this:

From the article:

 “We’re not trying to take people’s guns away,” Kalra said. “We’re trying to do things that are practical and will make a difference.”

A City Council committee considered the regulations on Wednesday following nearly an hour of testimony from gun-safety advocates. The committee unanimously ordered staff to analyze the policy and bring it back in two weeks. Some portions of the rules could be
enacted immediately, Kalra said.

Members of the Safe Cities Coalition, a group formed earlier this year that’s helped draft the policy, called the decision a victory.”

That testimony was taken begs the question if the meeting content was noticed to  the public and we missed it, or if we have a Brown Act infringement.

A quick look at the ‘endorsers’ page of the Safe Cities Coalition Shows Sally Lieber (former Assemblywoman, leader of Mountain View and Palo Alto local gun control and master mind behind Sunnyvale Measure C) and all the groups we’ve seen before, reorganized for San Jose, which they claim has  “no” gun control (IE local g c) which  is both not true,
but their opening play to bring a Measure C type g c to San Jose.

Who is this new group?

What are they pushing

Someone was watching this last month and wrote complaint to Mercury News:

Chief Garcia on guns in citizen hands, and his ‘cop’ out on school shootings (not guns,  but if necessary a gun):

Vigilance, watching SJ committee and main council agendas and talking to friends (Johnny Khamis?) on the council for  progress reports and resistance are all called for. I’m notifying Chuck Michel’s office, don’t know if threat letters will work here but if they want help from us  we’ll let you know.

More generally, Chabot rod and gun closed permanently this week, stores, clubs and ranges are under unrelenting  attach, we are lulled by  the silence between attacks. When will we be as devoted to stopping this as the proponents are devoted to passing it?

Register to vote or register your guns! Make your friends and customers do so,
takes 3 minutes at:

Then vote for pro-Second Amendment politicians.
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