CRPA Rolls Out Coalition of Local Gun Owners Project

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The CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) just rolled out the Coalition of Local Gun Owners Project (CLGO).

This is a convenient place to get California-specific firearms information and news. According to the CLGO site:

Real time legislative information from our legislative advocates in the Capital


Streamlined access to NRA services and programs through NRA headquarters

Access to CRPA and NRA’s campaign finance and PAC lawyers who fight for local FFLs and ranges in your area, oppose local gun ordinances, and file lawsuits

Access to CRPA and NRA’s campaign finance and PAC lawyers for local elections, and lots more.

Regular communication amongst coalition partners and insight to other local groups to learn from each other and build a stronger network of activists.

Assistance from CRPA and NRA public relations professionals for working with local media

For those who use Facebook in social media (and I personally recommend using your Facebook account to spread Second Amendment information), they have set up Facebook pages for every county in California. This will keep you totally up to date on what is happening in your county!

You can also follow the Golden State Second Amendment Council on Facebook:

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