Stand and Fight California Website Has CRPA and NRA_ILA Partnership

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The NRA-ILA (NRA Institute for Legislative Action and the CRPA (California Rifle & Pistol Association have launched a web site specifically to fight against the Draconian anti-gun legislation that has been and continues to be introduced.

Stand and Fight California is dedicated to state and local gun rights issues.

A lot of constantly-updated information is listed: State Legislation, Legal Updates, and California News. Both State and Local happenings and news are covered.

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3 Responses to Stand and Fight California Website Has CRPA and NRA_ILA Partnership

  1. Kenneth says:

    please stop ab7 ab424 sb464 sb497 this is eneough of this go to work lowering our taxes while we still have a state

  2. Martin Marcott says:

    I called my assembly person this morning to oppose all current anti-gun bills. I understand that there are several being considered. I was told that they could not accept a “generic” opposition. They needed specific AB numbers to actually count my opposition.
    I find a listing of opposed bills in the Firing Line magazine. Not being sure what the status column really means, and the magazine being dated July _ August, how will I know for sure what bills are currently being heard so I can oppose them by their numbers? I tried several web sites, but I am not very good on web searches, and they are only as good as the last update information.

  3. Fred Hoot says:

    Hi Martin,

    will list the current legislation.
    There is also a link to the site for the current status.

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