EMERGENCY ALERT City San Jose Proposing More Gun Control Ordinances OCT 17 MEETING 1:30 PM Council Chambers.

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ALL members of the GS2AC need to show up at the Oct 17 meeting of the City Council to voice your opposition. And if you have friends that are gun owners you must get them to show up as well !

San Jose City Hall

200 E. Santa Clara St.

San José, CA 95113

408 535-3500 Main

They have decided the time is right to push through more restrictions based on a proposal that was rejected in Sept. 2016. Apparently, the tragedy in Las Vegas was too good an opportunity to pass up.

In brief, the ordinance will place one more additional burden on gun owners…. making them criminals for an unsecured weapon. It requires gun owners to safely store firearms in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock upon leaving their residence.

If the gun owner merely leaves a gun out of their safe or does not having a trigger lock on it when they leave their home they become a criminal. And if the gun is stolen while unsecured, the ordinance will add more penalties for the gun owner.

Think about it.

The people who drafted the measure were careful to include the following: “A violation of such an ordinance would likely not come to light unless law enforcement was called to a home on a report of a burglary or other criminal activity.”

So all it takes is one busy-body neighbor or paranoid gun nut to call the police and “report ” something and the police get to enter your home. Once the police officer finds a reason to enter your home when you are away and finds an unsecured firearm, you become a criminal.

Think about it.

Prop 47 passed in 2014 and that made stealing a firearm a MISDEMEANOR unless the gun was worth more than $950.00 or the thief had a past criminal history or murder, rape etc.

The same clowns who made it easier on criminals who steal guns now want to make gun owners more responsible than the criminal.

This is simply unacceptable.

Even the Chief of Police and the staff recommendation admit in their memo that they have low confidence that it will help reduce crime. They will only go so far as to say that this ordinance “may ” help.

So we know for certain what the ordinance will mean for gun owners, but we are supposed to be accept those costs on the grounds that it “may” help reduce crime.

You need to be at that Council Meeting and voice your opposition!

Click here is the text of the proposed ordinance.

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