How low can you go? Just ask the gun control community.

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Las Vegas. Sunday Night . Country music concert.

He reserved his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel several days in advance. He lugged at least 10 weapons and over a thousand rounds of ammo up to his room on the 32nd floor in preparation. Then he waited for a crowd of people to gather so he could shoot them in the back. And he used fully automatic weapons that were illegal to possess.

At last count, 59 dead and 527 wounded.

Some reports indicate Craig Paddock ,age 64, was a wealthy man who lived in a retirement community and that he liked to gamble. One report notes that his biological father was ” diagnosed as psychopathic”. And from the images posted on line it appears he may also have been spending his retirement years trolling the bars for women half his age.

Paddock was a low-life. A loser. A chicken-shit who didn’t even have the guts to face a trial after committing his murders.

You would think no one could get any lower.

But then you would have to ignore the scum bags in the gun control community.

Take for example, a legal executive at CBS. Haley Geftman Gold, who referred to the victims as ” Repugs” posted that she was..” not sympathetic because country music fans are often Republican gun-toters “.

And then we have Democrat politicians using the slaughter as political fodder. Senator Murphy, Senator Warren and Senator Booker immediately began plying the waters for media face time demanding Congress initiate gun control efforts.                                                  ( ) .

Democrat Representative Huffman of California referred to the mass shooting as a ” win ” for the gun industry. ( )

We’ve seen this garbage before. Witness the reactions by liberals when Republican’s were shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter at a baseball game. Twitter posts included such sensitive comments as … ” its a shame more Republicans were not shot “.                                          (

And if they are true to form, fund raising letters from Mom’s Demand Action and the Brady Center have already gone out. There’s money to be made… Can’t  afford to let any tragedy be wasted.

I am angry that Paddock was not captured alive. I would have volunteered to feed him into a wood-chipper…. feet first.

But Paddock shot himself before they could get to him.

The opportunists who want to profit from this tragedy deserve no better.

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