How low can you go part 2 Ask Jimmy Kimmel

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In response to the the recent massacre in Las Vegas, Jimmy Kimmel used his TV show on Monday Oct 2nd. to launch into a diatribe about gun violence in the United States. And he laid the blame for the Las Vegas events squarely on the shoulders of the NRA and Republicans.

Standing in front of a screen showing pictures of Republican Senators, Kimmel said the following: “A number of other lawmakers who won’t do anything about this because the N.R.A. has their balls in a money clip also sent their thoughts and their prayers today, which is good. They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country.”
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Kimmel also noted that he disagreed with the notion that you can not do anything to stop crazy people from acting violently.

Quote: “Of course there’s something we can do about it. There are a lot of things we can do about it. But we don’t—which is interesting, because when someone with a beard attacks us, we tap phones; we invoke travel bans; we build walls; we take every possible precaution to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But when an American buys a gun and kills other Americans, then there’s ‘nothing we can do about that.’”
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So in summary, Republicans have been bought off and are willing to allow crazy people to shoot large numbers of people because they are in the pay of the NRA. And the solution to this problem could be the same wire tapping used to stop Muslim terrorists. ( among other measures )

So my question for Mr. Kimmel is this: Mr. Kimmel, glad to have you on the team that hates murder. But I find it curious that you have not had the same reaction to Chicago’s 497 dead and the 2395 wounded by guns in Chicago in just the first 9 months of 2017. What makes the Las Vegas such a bad event but Chicago gets a pass?

Clearly the violence total in Chicago is greater. And Chicago’s shooting statistics are regularly this high year after year. So what makes Mr. Kimmel suddenly find himself in outrage at the Las Vegas shooting?

There are two significant differences between the Las Vegas shooting and the gun violence that we see in Chicago year after year. The first, is that Mr. Kimmel’s Democrats run Chicago…. not the Republicans. The second is race.  76 % of the Chicago statistics are blacks, and another 17% are Hispanic.
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I guess in the mind of Jimmy Kimmel, it’s not so bad when the people being shot are blacks and Hispanics….. especially when it happens in areas under complete Democrat control .

How low can you go? You need look no further than Jimmy Kimmel.

In case you missed it, read Part 1.

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