The real cancer is not in the Constitution

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Tim Egan of the New York Times writes in his editorial of Oct 6th that the Second Amendment is a cancer within the Constitution.

Quote: ” The Second Amendment, as applied in the last 30 years or so, has become so perverted, twisted and misused that you have to see it now as the second original sin in the founding of this country, after slavery.”

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His opinion basically comes down to the following:

1. The reference in the Second Amendment to the militia over-rides any mandate for a right of the people.

2. The arms being protected only cover those used at the time of ratification.

3. FDR placed restrictions on modern firearms way back in the 1930’s so that makes it ok to restrict them even more today.

In brief, his opinion is basically Communist garbage. ( but then again what should we expect from someone employed by the New York Times. )

Let’s take this point by point.

Item number one: The problem with the Second Amendment is not that it is ” poorly worded ” … the problem is that this dope has zero understanding of grammar.

The clause regarding the ” right of the people ” is the independent clause. The clause regarding the ” militia ” is the dependent clause. That means that the dependent clause is subordinate . The reference to a militia is merely one example of why the people should have a right. It is not the only one. If the founders had intended it to be otherwise, the Second Amendment would simply have read: ” the right of the states to have an armed militia shall not be infringed.”

The minds that gave us the Second Amendment, far out-shine this cretin. The founders were very clear that this was an individual right. And they said so explicitly. If Mr. Egan had bothered to read any of the records of the discussions and debates by the founders regarding the Second Amendment he might have understood this point. But regurgitating platitudes fed to you by billionaire Mike Bloomberg is a lot easier than researching the truth of a matter.  ( and they make it much easier to meet your submission deadline )

Second, the notion that this individual right only applies to weapon technology in existence two centuries ago is an absurd standard. Using this standard it would mean that ALL of our rights were contingent on the technology of two centuries ago.

Let’s take the freedom of speech or freedom of the press. Was the internet available two centuries ago? How about faxes or telegraphs? If you apply Mr. Egan’s standard to the freedom of the press or freedom of speech, none of us…. including morons like Mr. Egan … would have no right to speak about anything unless it was penned with a quill on parchment and delivered on horseback.

Item number three…. his reference to the actions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a justification for more gun control.

Roosevelt was arguably one of the worst Presidents this nation ever had. Some of the greatest affronts to personal liberty were generated by this ” progressive “. And his willingness to allow openly communist activists to entrench themselves in the halls of government is still being felt today.

Mr. Egan would have us believe that because FDR took steps to undermine the Second Amendment, it is perfectly fine for future governments to destroy it entirely. This is an argument to justify tyranny… not protect liberty…. or the lives of Americans.

If there is a cancer in this country, it will not be found in the documents that gave this nation it’s birth…. or the liberties enshrined in it’s pages.

No, the cancer will be found in the arrogance and stupidity of living, breathing progressives like Tim Egan  whose ” perverted and twisted ” mind allows him to ” misuse ”  his First Amendment rights in an effort to destroy our Constitution.   In Mr. Egan we have an ego-maniac who would happily assist in the destruction of our liberties. … and any excuse will do.

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