San Jose’s Firearm Safe Storage Ordinance Spells Trouble for Gun Owners – Part 2

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If you missed it, click here to read Part 1.

Don’t worry – Trust an Anti-gun Politician

By the way, you have to report the theft of your firearm within 24 hours. Don’t worry about not having a gun safe and having an unsecured firearm stolen. San Jose Councilman Peralez said:

“Let’s say you haven’t bought a gun safe yet, you do get burglarized and someone steals your gun. We put in place a 24-hour grace period that says call the police, let us know and we will find you not guilty.”

If you take Councilman Peralez’s advice, you had better have a good 2A attorney on retainer or an insurance policy or group that will cover a few hundred thousand dollars in attorney’s fees. Also have an understanding boss that will forgive you for missing a week of work before you get bailed out and then a few weeks while you go to court.

Location, Location, Location

Let’s say you do have a DOJ-approved safe and your firearms are locked up when you are not there. If you aren’t at home where else could you be? Well, you could be camping in your RV or tent in San Jose. You could be on vacation at that Downtown timeshare you have. You could also be staying in a hotel or one of those no-tell motels. You could even be homeless and sleeping in your vehicle.

You really can’t carry around a several hundred pound safe with you. So, whatever lockbox you have had better be approved by the DOJ. Even using a hotel safe in your room can be dangerous. Before you put your firearm in that safe, make sure that safe is approved by the DOJ.

Exercising your Second Amendment right to self-defense in such a situation could get you in trouble if the police happen to be called to your room. It could happen if you have a heart attack, someone breaks in when you are at the ice machine or even a SWAT team getting the room number wrong for a wanted fugitive.

Control, Control, Control

Councilmen Raul Peralez and Chappie Jones stated in a memo:

“We want to reduce the opportunities and possibilities of those who should not have access to guns and ensure that guns are properly stored at all times [emphasis mine] to prevent unnecessary and indefensible access and use.”

Their agenda to make sure firearms cannot be used certainly, at least to my eyes, shows through in their words.

Councilmember Lan Diep sees that wish for control as I do. He said:

“A person who lives in a single-family home is probably more susceptible to burglary than one who lives in a high-rise with onsite security. Leaving a handgun in a bedside drawer may be acceptable in a house with an immobile newborn, but unacceptable in a house with teenagers. Yet if those teenagers are taught to respect and handle guns from a young age so that they view guns as a tool rather than a shiny toy, then perhaps less precaution is required in that specific household.”

Not all households have the same needs when it comes to safety, firearm storage and self-defense. We frequently here about people living in high-crime and gang-infested neighborhoods having a baseball bat beside the bed and in other strategic locations. We also hear about hidden, but accessible, firearms located in areas where an owner might need them. Some say to have to constantly put them all away or bring them out defeats the purpose of an adult household’s security.

Vote, Vote, Vote

The vote to pass the Safe Storage of Firearms in a Residence ordinance was 6 to 5.

Councilmembers are supposed to represent their constituents, not their own agendas. Let’s look at the letters from the public. There were just two letters, one in opposition and one supporting the Firearms Safe Storage ordinance from groups. One was the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (a very anti-gun organization) and the National Rifle Association (a very pro-gun organization). I have not included either of these in the count because neither of them are constituents. Anyway, their votes would cancel each other out if the councilmembers were looking at what the letters said.

I count 28 letters in opposition to the ordinance and zero (that’s zip, nada) in support of this ordinance. With a vote of 6 to 5 in favor of the ordinance, something is clearly amiss in the San Jose Council!

Voters take notice that you are not being represented, so I implore you to vote these anti-civil rights councilmembers out of office. Yes, the Second amendment IS a Civil Right!

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