South Sacramento Residents Taking Up Arms to Protect Themselves Against Climbing Crime

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Residents in the Asian community in South Sacramento Have seen an increase in armed robberies. Home invasions by armed thugs have also surged and people have been turning to firearms to defend their families and homes.

The Fruitridge, Meadowview and Pocket communities have primarily seen this rise in crime.

Realizing that the police usually arrive in time to take the reports, or in worse case, clean up the mess, people like Kent Tran are getting personal protection. He has taken the preliminary steps of installing an alarm system with glass break detectors and beefing up the doors to his house. He has also acquired a firearm.

Kent told CBS Sacramento:

Like the laws of Texas, if you arm yourself, you can protect yourself. Hopefully, we don’t use it, but it’s there for protection… Hearing that there’s an uptick in crime, I’m really afraid for my family.

Tran also realizes they have to stay vigilant and also cooperate with the police in identifying the thugs who are preying on their neighborhoods.

I know with the holiday season more and more will happen, but I’m just hoping that people stay diligent, and work with police to catch these guys and get them off our streets.

This is some good advice: Stay aware at all times, take protective measures and arm yourself. Make sure you get the proper training. I recommend a tactical handgun or tactical shotgun course, and also a good insurance policy (since I am not a lawyer) to defend yourself should you have to shoot in self-defense.

In his book More Guns, Less Crime, John R. Lott, Jr shows firearms used in self-defense are never fired. Just the presence of a firearm often stops crime, as this woman saved herself from burglars.

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