Dianne Feinstein Wants to Infringe on Your Second Amendment Rights – Again!

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UPDATE – The text of the bill is now available – updated 11/18/2017

Dianne Feinstein is at it again and she may be successful this time if we don’t stop her in her tracks. She has introduced S.2095 which is titled “A bill to regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.”

Just the title of the bill should send shivers down the back of all freedom-loving Americans who cherish the Constitution of the United States. Let’s look at this title a little more closely since, as I write this, the text of the bill has not been released to the public.

Assault Weapons

“A bill to regulate assault weapons…” is the first tomfoolery that the liberals use to strike fear in the unsuspecting citizens that know little about firearms. True assault weapons are fully-automatic weapons commonly known as machine guns and these have been heavily regulated since the mid-1930s. Their redefining of the term is all semi-automatic rifles that look similar to the “evil black military guns.”

Is Not Unlimited

“A bill… to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited…” shows that Senator Feinstein has absolutely no respect for the second amendment. This is a blatant attempt to infringe on the Second Amendment. I’m sure she knows very well what “infringe” means and this is her way of starting to gut the Second amendment.

Other Purposes

“A bill… for other purposes” conjures up nightmares beyond belief. Maybe this will be Dianne Feinstein’s way of practically doing away with the Second Amendment. Remember, back in 1995, Dianne Feinstein said about the “assault weapons” ban she really wanted:

If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, “Mr. and Mrs. America turn ‘em all in,” I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.

Warning to All

  1. 2095 currently has 24 cosponsors which is nearly 25% of the Senate! The current breakdown of the United States Senate is 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats and 2 Independents. Along liberal party lines they have control of 48 votes. All it takes is three votes from the Republican side to eviscerate the Second Amendment. With the number or RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) currently in office, Feinstein may be able to get those three votes unless we do something about it.

Call to Action

Contact your State Senator and ask them to not support Senate Bill 2095. Ask them to vote against 2095 if it comes up for a vote on the Senate floor.

For California:

Feinstein, Dianne – (D – CA)
331 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3841
Contact: www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/e-mail-me

Harris, Kamala D. – (D – CA)
Class III
112 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3553
Contact: www.harris.senate.gov/content/contact-senator

For other states, click here to find their contact information or go to https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/.

Let’s make their phones ring off the hook and fill up their email! We need to protect our rights before it’s too late.

Keep up on the status of S. 2095 here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/2095

BTW, here is the video of Senator Dianne Feinstein saying those horrid words.

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