Gun Facts version 7.1 now available!

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Our very good friend Guy Smith has just released Gun Facts version 7.1! Guy works tirelessly in keeping this invaluable book up to date with REAL research to expose the anti-gun lobby’s lies and evil twists. Best of all, it’s free for download to your computer.

If you want a hard copy, just go to Amazon and buy one for $8.95. You can also donate to to support this great cause; I have!

Guy just let me know in an email:

After a required pause, the new PDF and print version of Gun Facts is now available.

Simply go the the Gun Facts home page and click on the links on the right.

I have not created a “print at home” version … yet. I’m going to wait for someone to complain that they really need a version to print in quantities before doing so. A bit of work to get it right.

Oh, and please use your social media feeds to let everyone know it is available.

So go get it and defend yourself against the gun-banners and the anti-gun lobby!


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