We Need Mandatory Universal Background Checks

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I have been a staunch opponent of mandatory background checks. I have believed that gun owners should not be subjected to this invasion of their privacy based on nothing more than the suspicion that someone might be a criminal.

But the recent terrorist event in New York has caused me to change my position.

I now publicly recant my position . I now fully support mandatory background checks.

I now join my Liberal brethren. I now see the value of assuming someone is guilty before being proven innocent. I now believe that we must place the burden of proof on the target of suspicion. I now believe that the government must take action to fully scrutinize each individual for the safety of our children and our communities.

Accordingly, I now demand that we have mandatory background checks ….. on Muslims who seek to enter this nation.

If it makes sense for the law to subject gun buyers to scrutiny before they are allowed to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, does it not also make sense to subject all Muslims to scrutiny before they enter this nation ? After all these are people who have no right to immigrate.

Since there is no Constitutional right to enter this nation, this mandate of mandatory background checks would not be a violation of anyone’s rights. Since there is no Constitutional right to enter this nation, attorney’s could not argue that this law would be subject to strict scrutiny ( as it should be in regards to our 2nd Amendment rights ). Most Constitutional scholars agree that the “Prenumbra” in the Constitution would allow these mandatory background checks.

Now I do want to be reasonable about this. Accordingly, those Muslims already in this nation would be grandfathered in under this law. However, they would not be allowed to pass on their Muslim beliefs to any of their children without being subject to these background checks. And if they fail to pass these checks they would be subject to immediate deportation.

How could any “caring person” knowingly deny their fellow citizens the ” right to feel safe? ” How could any “compassionate person” allow “innocent children to be placed at risk” of being slaughtered by these Muslim terrorists? Doesn’t it make sense to take this “reasonable step” to create ” common sense legislation” and “protect our communities?”

And should not all those who object to these ” common sense laws ” regarding background checks be considered enablers of terrorism? And as enablers of terrorism should not these people be subject to mandatory criminal sentencing for aiding in the creation of this violence? Should not these enablers of “crime immigration” also be subject to civil litigation for their role in creating this “climate of violence?”. These money-grubbing “big ” immigration advocates should not be allowed to profit from the open borders.

Only a paranoid and heartless person would object to my proposal for mandatory background checks on Muslim immigrants.

Every assertion I have made in this blog is a regurgitation of the same garbage we get from gun control advocates.

But does anyone really believe that a Liberal gun control nut case would fall for their own vacuous rhetoric when it comes to the Muslims they insist on shielding from legal scrutiny?

Of course they won’t. Liberals don’t think logically. They are self-loathing. They suffer from a bizarre form of Stockholm Syndrome which lends them to find virtue in self destruction.

And this is why we must all be staunch defenders of the Second Amendment.

We can never trust a Liberal to protect our nation… our rights … or our Constitution.

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