Speak Up for Turner’s Outdoorsman Store in San Carlos, CA On Monday November 13th, 2017

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Turner’s Outdoorsman is California’s #1 hunting, shooting and fishing specialty store with 19 stores in California. They carry archery equipment, sportsman clothing, fishing equipment, hunting supplies and, of course, ammunition and firearms. They have been in California for over 46 years and plan to open a store in San Carlos. They have followed all the federal, state AND local laws, received all the permits and were ready to become a member of San Carlos’ business community.

All of a sudden, San Carlos has second thoughts being goaded brought up by some anti-gun nuts.

Show Up on Monday, November 13th


Talking Points

Here are some talking points. Note: Bringing up this issue as a Second Amendment issue is exactly what the gun nuts want us to do!

  • Make it about legal businesses.
  • Following all the rules: Federal, State and Local San Carlos zoning requirements.
  • Following the recent 2016 California State AW legislation – no “assault weapons” will be sold.
  • Supplying a wide range of outdoor products to the community, including fishing, archery, sports apparel, hunting supplies in addition to ammunition and firearms.
  • Don’t waste your time making this about removing the second amendment.

When we know more talking points suggested by Turners and insiders we’ll pass them on, but a large show up of our side needs preparation and planning. This time we have some notice, and the actual agenda item will be posted next Thursday, November 9th.

Show Up Early

Plan to attend the Monday Nov 13 City of San Carlos meeting on this proposed moratorium against Turner’s Outdoorsman. Bbetween parking and that the anti’s plan to pack the room please show up well before the 7 pm start.  I highly recommend 5:30pm or 6 pm at the latest!

When there, even if you don’t want to actually speak fill out a speakers card to get you opinion on the record, including any talking points you have.

Dress Appropriately

Please wear respectable clothing – casual business attire is highly recommended. Do not wear cammo, BDUs or your “Kill them all and let God sort them out” T-shirt!


MONDAY NOV 13th  at 7 PM
At the San Carlos City Council Chambers
600 Elm Street
San Carlos CA 94070
650 802 4219

From El Camino Real, take San Carlos St. and head southwest.
Go 3 blocks and turn left on to Elm St.

Tell all your friends! Bring them with you!

Lets win this one! Remember what happened in Los Gatos.

About Turner’s Outdoorsman

Their about us section on their web site tells it all:

One of our fundamental philosophies is to support our local hunting and fishing communities. Unlike the national chains, we take an active role in the communities we live in. We promote local youth fishing tournaments, conduct various hunting and fishing seminars, host the largest hands-on shooting fair in the state, and work closely with organizations such as the NRA (Turner’s is America’s #1 NRA retail recruiter), Safari Club International, Ducks Unlimited, California Waterfowl Association and United Anglers to help preserve and protect hunting, shooting and fishing activities in California.

At Turner’s Outdoorsman, our mission is simple. Our goal is to provide the merchandise you want, at the best prices in the industry coupled with personal service and first-hand fishing, hunting and shooting experience that only our sales professionals can provide. For over 46 years, we have grown in California simply because our mission is to serve you.

Thanks to Bay2aMike and “El Jeffe” Mark for some of the information!

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