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Anti-social Behavior by a Felon Gives Law-abiding Gun Owners a Black Eye

Last Friday, February 23, a man and a woman from Tarboro found someone sitting in their seats at a movie theater. An argument ensued. Instead of jetting an usher or the manager to settle the dispute, the man decided to … Continue reading

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AB 60 CA Drivers License SNAFU Spells Trouble for Buying a Firearm

Concerning the Real-ID vs AB 60 CA drivers licenses, we last heard that ATF would accept the ones with “Federal Limits Apply” on the front only, as long as the back didn’t also declare you a non-citizen. For those of … Continue reading

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Illegal Seizure of Firearms by San Jose Heads to the Ninth Circuit Court

Imagine this: Your spouse has a mental breakdown and needs some help. After they have been taken to the hospital for treatment the police come in and seize all your personal firearms. They are locked away in a safe inaccessible … Continue reading

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A Good Guy with a Gun Beats Evil Only When He or She Acts

An evil adult slaughtered 17 innocent children and adults at the Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. The shooter should have been stopped as the school, local authorities and even the FBI had been warned without … Continue reading

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14 Companies Start to Ignore 15 Million Law-Abiding Citizens – Action Needed

The following companies are effectively denying their services to 15 million United States Citizens. No longer will they be able to take advantage of discounts and preferential treatment that others, like the Teamsters, AARP and other organizations enjoy. Allied Van … Continue reading

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Actually, Owning a Gun IS Necessary (and gun control gets in the way)

  Under American law, an individual does not have a right to police protection. Police are to protect the public in general. Suing a municipality for failing to provide police protection will lose in court for this very reason. However, … Continue reading

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What If Only Members of the Well-Regulated Militia Had Firearms?

What would happen if SCOTUS were to rule that the right to keep and bear arms is to be limited only to those people who are members of the well-regulated militia? Interestingly enough they already have ruled on this about … Continue reading

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The Supreme Importance of the Electoral College

This wound up in my mailbox. I have no idea of the originator, but it is an excellent explanation on the Electoral College and an example why our founding fathers created it. In their infinite wisdom, the founders of our … Continue reading

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All the Talk about Gun Control Ignores Inner-City Shootings and Black Lives

Since the recent massacre created by an evil adult at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, there have been calls for gun bans, more gun laws “assault rifle” bans, and other legislation in an attempt to stop evil. We know that does … Continue reading

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Colion Noir Presents Solutions to Stop School Shootings and Save Lives of Children (VIDEO)

NRATV host Colion Noir says it all. Nothing I can add to what he says. Watch the video and learn. Related posts: Lack of God and Not Guns Caused the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings Active Shooter System for School Has … Continue reading

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