AB 60 CA Drivers License SNAFU Spells Trouble for Buying a Firearm

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Concerning the Real-ID vs AB 60 CA drivers licenses, we last heard that ATF would accept the ones with “Federal Limits Apply” on the front only, as long as the back didn’t also declare you a non-citizen.

For those of you who don’t know, when you purchase a firearm arm you are checked and approved by both ATF and CA DOJ.

So of course while ATF accepts the version of the CDL without the restriction on back your wonderful CA DOJ has decided that “Federal Limits Apply” on just the Front disqualifies you.

Funny because

  1. CA DMV convinced ATF it was ok (heaven forbid they can’t pump out those ‘undocumented’ licenses).
  2. CA DOJ is actually, again, writing its own laws, ones it is not empowered to do.

So expect the worst for now, hope we get an injunction against this one too, and again, consider getting the ‘REAL-ID’ if your CDL renewal date is before Oct 2020 (when it real goes south for gun owners in CA)

Are you mad enough to get you friends, neighbors and fellow gun owners registered to vote now?????????????????

Also, the CRPA (California Rifle & Pistol Association) sent out an email concerning this issue titled “Follow Up Special Alert: Firearm Purchases and Identification Issued by CA DMV” which said:

It has come to our attention that DMV is issuing identification to lawful California residents that are identical to those issued to individuals who are unable to provide proof of their lawful presence in the United States.

In addition, NRA and CRPA attorneys have received word from at least one firearms dealer that the California Department of Justice (“CA DOJ”) has taken the position that any license with the words “FEDERAL LIMTS APPLY” is not acceptable for the purposes of purchasing or transferring firearms, regardless of any additional language on the back of the license. This appears to be an unlawful overreach by CA DOJ because the question of lawful presence in the United States as it relates to firearm purchases falls directly under ATF’s control.

Under California law, one only needs to provide “clear evidence of the person’s identity and age” when attempting to acquire a firearm from a California licensed dealer. “Clear evidence” is defined as a valid California Driver’s License or Identification Card. Because both AB 60 licenses and non-REAL IDs are considered valid California identification, regardless if they satisfy federal requirements or not, both satisfy California’s requirement of “clear evidence of the person’s identity and age.”

Following additional clarification from ATF and DMV, NRA and CRPA attorneys will address CA DOJ’s position should they still insist that such licenses are restricted. Until then, we recommend our members hold off on renewing their California identification if possible or apply for and obtain a REAL ID.

Get active in protecting your rights!

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4 Responses to AB 60 CA Drivers License SNAFU Spells Trouble for Buying a Firearm

  1. Chris Rusch says:

    Yes I am caught in a SNAFU now between DMV, DOJ and Empowered Firearms in Vista, CA. I purchased a new firearm online legally and now the FFL it had to go through for shipment won’t give me my gun because their lawyer advises Them my new CA Drivers license issued 02/08/18 is not valid due to this reason. Now when DMV asks you if you want to apply for a real ID nothing has any notification that you will not be able to purchase a firearm in CA. In fact the Real ID is not mandatory for it’s intended purpose until 10/20/20. It has requirements to attend an appointment at a DMV office and produce proof you are who you are by bringing your birth certificate, social security card, and proof of residency in CA regardless of how many years you have held a CA drivers license or owned property in CA. Not convenient to say the least. To make it worse the dealer started my DROS (DOJ paperwork) with the new ID and didn’t say a word about it, took my $25.00 and I waited 15 days to go back and then the Owner Chad informed he chooses not to give me my legal property I own. I say chooses because “Turners Outdoorsman” a local retail chain and gun dealer is accepting the mislabeled CDL and claims their attorneys advised them to go ahead and do so since CA DMV has caused this issue by incorrectly printing the “Federal limits apply” on my CDL when they know I am born and raised in CA and have been licensed for over 35 years. It is completely ridiculous. They want me to take a day off work and go to DMV with my birth certificate and proof of residency to prove who I am. Now the kicker..I can’t get an appointment with DMV for Drivers license issues for 1 1/2 months because they are so busy with giving all the illegal aliens licenses to drive here legally while they are in our country illegally! Also the 30 day window has run so the state wants another $25.00 and a new DROS package after I acquire a “Real ID”! This is a “Real F’up is what it is. Our state is so F’d up and beyond repair. It’s sad as I was born here in CA and have lived here all my life. I want in on the class action lawsuit this has got to bring.

  2. DB says:

    Just dealt with this same BS at Ammo Brothers, Ontario. Just renewed, and didn’t have time to find all my “papers” (jawhol, herr Becerra!), so I got the crap ID (despite having a CDL for more than 35 years). AB wouldn’t do the PPT.

    Took the PPT down the road a bit to Turner’s, no problem. SO, if you are going to do a transfer, be SURE to check that the FFL is up to speed on what is a completely screwed up and constantly changing “opinion” on what constitutes an “ID”…

    Logic is that the “federal limits” version of the CDL is proof of age and residency, ATF apparently will accept it, but the anti-2A CADOJ wants to see how far they can go and get away with it.

  3. John Hetsko says:

    I had the same problem. I renewed my CDL in February 2018, did not take the required documents with me, and apparently received an AB60 license. I did not need a Real ID as I am retired military and can use my military ID in 2020. I purchased a firearm at Poway Weapons and Gear and when I presented my CDL, was told I needed to get a CDL Real ID. I was told my military ID was not allowed as it did not have my address on it. What a joke. I went to DMV today, waited in line, and paid another $28.00 to get a CDL Real ID. But now I have to wait another 10 days to receive my license so that I get do the DROS. How to screw over US Citizens and California Residents.

  4. KAMARI says:

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